Your journey begins now.

Not tomorrow, not next week, or not when you finally “feel ready.”

I’m on a mission - to rid the world of speaking virgins, one woman at a time. Now is the time for women to use their voices to help change the world.

Most women have spent their entire life and career as a devoted listener, whether in your profession, at home, or in everyday life. You’ve been hiding your voice from the world, but I see the person hiding beneath the shell.

You are here because you have a big dream, a big message to share with the world that keeps nagging away at you, relentlessly tugging away at your pant leg like a 4 year old who wants a cookie. And yes, you always seem to come down with a bad case of the too’s. (Often lasts longer than the flu!)

You tell yourself you are: 

Too shy, 

Too insecure,  

Too introverted, to even consider public speaking.

But I'm here to tell you that your voice is: 

Too needed, 

Too important, 

Too powerful, To even consider NOT sharing.

As your Chief Transformation Officer, I would love to help you implement the 3 B's:


Let's Work Together. lets do this. your time is now!

Available Sessions:


Ready to Get Out of Your Shell?

You are eager to get on stage and share your message, but often feel more compelled to crawl back into your shell. Through our one-on-one time together, I’ll help you shed your shell so that you can show up prepared, confident, and ready to deliver your first talk. Sessions are weekly or bi-weekly for 45 minutes. 

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Still Hiding?

A focused in-depth 4 month immersion program includes individual weekly coaching sessions to ensure you emerge from your shell, rock your first talk, and graduate from being a speaking virgin to a real-life speaker.

The program includes 4, one-on-one sessions per month for 4 months. Each month focuses on a different topic to take you from idea to stage after our time together.

Register for your immersion program today! 

Come On! The World is Waiting for You!

If you do better at one-on-one and in person, I invite you to beautiful Sedona, Arizona where we can work together in-person to help clarify your WHY, release any speaking demons, craft your talk, and solidify your plan to book your first talk!

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