I'm Barbara Glazier-Robinson, Ph.D. The go-to coach for speaking virgins still hiding beneath their shell, just starting to emerge and I know what it feels like to be you.

After 40 years working diligently as an "ist" (e.g. speech language pathologist and psychologist), having helped so many clients recapture their voice, I woke up late in life to realize I did not have one of my own. Or as I say, I had a bad case of laryngitis that lasted my whole life.

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For years, I thought the Harry Potter cloak of invisibility suited me just fine. After all, I spent my entire professional life, developing a successful private practice and helped hundreds of people.

I realized, my time was running out at this stage in life and it was now or never. I could continue retirement by hiding in my shell or I could emerge shell-less and help even more people than I imagined.

I had visions of a world with greater justice. A world where something like water was a universal right and not a privilege for people. But without using my voice, I could not create the change I desired to.

So at age 65, I was determined to recapture my voice for the first time. And that’s exactly what I did. I shed my shell and started going to The Moth story hours and speaking freely. I used my voice to vote on matters that I cared about. I used my voice to share organizations that are near and dear to my heart. And guess what? I’m just getting started!

Here’s what I know for sure on this journey…if you deeply want to speak, but are scared, just show up as you are so you do the only thing that needs to be done-gain practice and experience speaking.

You would not believe the freedom and joy you will feel once your message is shared with the masses. 

And I’m here for you, every step of the way.

Let’s work together to make it happen! Let’s do this!

About Barbara


After 40 plus years as a speech-language pathologist and psychologist helping others reclaim their voice, Barbara Glazier-Robinson realized it was time to reclaim her own and step into the spotlight to ignite change from within.

Doctor Glazier-Robinson holds a master’s degree in speech-language pathology as well as a master’s and Ph.D. from Bryn Mawr College where she was awarded a full Scholarship.

Dr. Glazier-Robinson devoted her private practice to helping young adults find their authentic voice in the world and achieving their full potential by believing in them 110%-even before they fully believed in themselves.

Despite her own work as a speech pathologist and psychologist, Barbara suffered from a bad case of laryngitis that lasted 64-years. To push past her fears, she started speaking at events and now inspires others to recapture their voices to create lasting world change.

Born with what a colleague called “the going foot,” Barbara Glazier Robinson is an avid traveler. She currently resides in Arizona where she can be found searching for her next travel adventure. Her most recent journey was a trip to Cambodia to help fund a fresh water project for a school in Phnom-Penh.