Up until now, silence may have been your only voice.
That was then.
This is now.
The world is ready to hear you.


What if we realized that we don’t need money to create change, but rather, the real currency we need to impact the world and create change is our voice, a free valuable asset available to everyone?

Let me explain.

What would happen if we stopped believing money was the most valuable form of currency to create change in the world? That giving our dollars to causes was the only way we can make a difference. What would happen if we started believing that the real gold, the real treasure, the real currency was buried so deeply inside of ourselves, we don’t even recognize it, let alone value it?

This unrecognizable gold is our voice. What would happen if we finally stopped swallowing our words and chose to speak them instead?The world is in need of the richest currency you have: your voice. Your audience will go from "I am not one of those people who could ever do public speaking” to believing  “I want a voice and I want one now.”

Let’s create real change. Let’s rise up and recapture our voices.

Barbara's Talks

Recapture your voice to change the world

In this TEDx style talk designed to demonstrate the path to not only recapturing your voice, but then how to use it as a match to spark to ignite real social change. Barbara passionately advocates that our voice is the real "currency" the world has been waiting for to create real transformation. When we spend this currency freely and generously, we are able to truly change and transform the world in a way dollars cannot.

Recapture Your Voice at Any Age

In this 18-minute TEDx style talk, Barbara helps those shy, retiring introverted clients who have a big message and dream tucked inside them that the world needs to hear, but feel it’s too late to take the stage and be heard. Barbara takes audience members on a journey of how to go from being invisible to claiming the spotlight so that they may use their recaptured voice to ignite change or become the spark to ignite change that the world needs so deeply at this moment in time.

Silence a 3 1/2 minute speech

Silence plagued Barbara a majority of her life. In this mini-talk, Barbara shares the guidelines she used to break free of silence and use her voice to start changing the world.

My Very First Time...(Speaking, that is!)

In this humorous 5-minute segment, Barbara shares how she coincidentally stumbled into her first speech, kicking and screaming the entire way to it’s delivery. We all have to start somewhere and this mini-talk gives audience members a bit of comic relief for their own first talk.


It's Time to Shed Your Shell and Use Your Voice!

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