Grace from Space is a book of magic and fantasy with REAL values. (Well, the book is fantasy, but the values are real!)


Set against the deeply magical Planet Dream Catcher (where all wandering dreams are found), this joyous outer-space fairytale will tickle your child’s funny bone. All sorts of mischief, hijinks, and mayhem happen here.


Long after your child turns the last page and Grace leaves them laughing, the eight  core values will linger. Your child will be empowered to:

  • Dream Big Dreams–for themselves and the world.

  • Awaken to the knowledge that the power  of their voice can ignite change.

  • Face their deepest, darkest goblins and fears with courage.  (Especially if they were not born the courageous, confident type.)

  • Respond with resilience and grit when the world discourages their dreams.

  • Discover how and when to reach out for help and support when they get stuck, in addition to using the power of teams to solve problems cooperatively.

  • Emphasize the true power of friendship by becoming the kind of friend other kids want to hang out with, by showing up for them 100%.

  • Develop empathy and inclusivity for all children regardless of where they come from, what they look like, or what labels they may carry.

  • Explore their true superpowers and how they will harness them as gifts to the world.


Ready to meet eleven-year-old Outer Space Grace? Her mission: Save Earth kids’ dreams. Grace from Planet Dream Catcher is dedicated to making dreams come true, but Earth kids’ dreams have grown sad and desperate. Grace and her great friend Conor dream up a brilliant, bold plan but Grace is terrified of telling everyone about it!

Will she find her voice in time so that Dream Catcher kids can save Earth kids’ dreams?

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