Still Hiding?


Still Hiding?


A focused in-depth 4 month immersion program includes individual weekly coaching sessions to ensure you emerge from your shell, rock your first talk, and graduate from being a speaking virgin to real-life speaker.

The program includes 4, one-on-one sessions per month for 4 months. Each month focuses on a different topic to take you from idea to stage after our time together.

Month 1: Get clear on your speaking WHY: We’ll deep dive to get you clear on the message that you were born to be a messenger to help use this as your North Star to guide your speaking journey

Month 2: Let’s weed out! Before we plant some speaking seeds we need to clear out the weeds, rocks, rubble, debris, litter or anything that is getting in the way of you being fully seen and heard in the world. You may not even be fully aware of what has been keeping you wearing the Harry Potter "Cloak of Invisibility" your whole life.

Month 3: Craft and Design Your First 5 Minute Speech We’ll take your WHY and turn it into your first 5-minute talk.

Month 4: Let’s practice and plan! We’ll wrap up our time together by practicing your speech and planning on where to give your first talk. We’ll also do a big happy dance for coming this far and celebrate for no longer being a speaking virgin!

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