Long after your child turns the last page and Grace leaves them laughing, the eight  core values will linger. Your child will be empowered to:

  • Dream Big Dreams–for themselves and the world.

  • Awaken to the knowledge that the power  of their voice can ignite change.

  • Face their deepest, darkest goblins and fears with courage.  (Especially if they were not born the courageous, confident type.)

  • Respond with resilience and grit when the world discourages their dreams.

  • Discover how and when to reach out for help and support when they get stuck, in addition to using the power of teams to solve problems cooperatively.

  • Emphasize the true power of friendship by becoming the kind of friend other kids want to hang out with, by showing up for them 100%.

  • Develop empathy and inclusivity for all children regardless of where they come from, what they look like, or what labels they may carry.

  • Explore their true superpowers and how they will harness them as gifts to the world.